Sheikha Ahmed Al Meer – The Art of Qatari Cooking

Sheikha Ahmed Al Meer.

The Art of Qatari Cooking: A book by Saasna’s Qatari Head Chef, Sheikha Ahmed Al Meer.

Sheikha Ahmed Al Meer, the Head Chef from Qatari Restaurant Saasna, is well-known in
Doha for her expertise in culinary arts and is the author of The Art of Qatari Cooking. She
released the book for the first time in 2000 with the intention of preserving Qatari

Since Saasna’s Head Chef Sheikha Ahmed Al Meer views cooking as being the history and
identity of the people, her book serves as a guide for both present-day and future
generations and is a courageous effort to conserve and protect the heritage of Qatari food
from being lost or altered. The Qatari cuisine is presented in a clear and original way in her

Every nation in the World has customs and traditions, and food plays a big role in that. Food
in general appeal to both locals and tourists who are interested in learning more about
different cultures. Qatari and Gulf cuisine has been greatly influenced by the environment
and the Sea since ancient times. Locals were renowned for their skill in preparing various
kinds of seafood.

Teenage Chef Sheikha had a profound affinity for cooking and that of flavorful spices from
her middle school years. She developed a love of cooking at a young age and experimented
with many different recipes, which eventually inspired her to publish a book. She first wrote
the book on Qatari food while a student at Beirut Arab University. The Qatari Saasna Head
Chef’s top priority was to safeguard Qatar’s priceless cultural legacy despite the nation’s
quick modernization and expansion.

Chef Sheikha has trained several chefs on Qatari cuisine and she takes great pride in Saasna
which she considers a treasure and is immensely proud of the name the Al Sraiya Group
restaurant has gained in the region.

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