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About Us

The name "Saasna" derives its meaning from the word "Asaasna"; our origins. The concept is cuisine of Qatari culture blended with modernity. Our origins updated to the present with the future to come.

The restaurant was developed based on 100% pure traditional Qatari cuisine with a modern twist.

Our story starts with innovation. The origins of the future goes back to the achievement of the past. Culture, values and traditions are reflected in everything that is done. Through innovation, creativity takes on a new taste with the foundation of the past as we move through time.


Our Catering Services

Through cuisine the experience of the cultural blend of the senses can be felt. The depth of its origins comes to life. Like a recipe with the addition of spices, we have added the spices of Qatari modernity to compliment the current times of outstanding innovation.


Saasna Specialities

Delicious Recipes

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Broccoli Soup
saasna salad
Chicken Madrouba
Chicken Majbous
Datte Cake


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Tel : +974 40381081 - +974 55197131

Call Us to book your table
Tel : +974 40381081 - +974 55197131